Be our Ambassador

At Go PAWesome we believe in the value of team work and we know the benefit each of us as individuals, can offer to the group, when combined as a whole.

If our story inspires you we invite you to please join us and apply to become one of our International Ambassadors. The application process is easy, open to everyone from all walks of life and of course, will always be free. We don’t ever ask you for a large time commitment, just passion and dedication to our cause!

As our International Ambassador part of your responsibility is to raise awareness in your local community and promote our projects, through tools available to you. Each of our Ambassadors have unique skills so we will work with you to define your skill and the role you will play as our ambassador.

There are many aspects and factors to consider when a new project is formed, and without international support, funding and volunteers, we cannot run a successful project. With your assistance we can communicate our message to many more like-minded people, and together we can create a world where animals living under human influence live happier and healthier lives through access to regular veterinary care.

Successful ambassadors will receive recognition on our website, a Go PAWesome t-shirt, marketing materials, and our support and gratitude.

We Love our Ambassadors!

Bath time cuddles

Taking time out for puppy love

Ohhhhh, that feels sooooo good!