Make a Donation

Here are some examples of how the funds you donate are used:
$10 feeds a dog for a week
$30 safety sterilizes one animal & prevents unwanted litters of puppies and kittens
$50 provides vital vaccines and treatment for both internal and external parasites
$100 provides a comfort kit full of essentials for a struggling shelter that includes; bedding, toys and important medicines.

Your support can be offered in many other ways too. Rather then handing us your hard earned cash (although we won’t say no to that) we have a wishlist full of items we always require. You can also read about each of our projects and the supplies that are needed by clicking here. In this way we hope we inspire you to help us help the animals.

Your generous donation will make a positive difference to the lives of street animals in Asia. Without your support and kind donations, we wouldn’t be able to carry out our projects. Every item and every dollar you donate helps towards making the life of a homeless animal more comfortable. So please donate as much as you can afford. We value all donations: large or small, or those made from our wishlist.

Cash donations can easily be made via our YOUCaring fundraiser.
For non-cash donations please read our wishlist requests, select what is within your abilities, and contact us to arrange the delivery of the item/s.

Below are some photos of past patients and the progress we were able to make with them after daily care for 30 days. The before image is taken on Day 1 and the after image is taken on Day 30. We continued to care for these patients much longer then 30 days.


This is Garfield. This gorgeous boy was treated for mild demodex mange & a chronic dry eye condition.

This is Whitey. He was treated for demodex mange, blood parasites and tumour removals on his tail & eye.

This is Scarface. He was treated for demodex mange, blood parasites & feed lots of extra food for weight gain.