Pay Your Program Fees

Payment for your Pawesome program fees can be made easily via direct bank transfer (if within Australia), or using Zelle or Venmo (if within the USA). Other international payments are accepted through PayPal or Transferwise.

Your deposit will need to be paid within 72 hours of your application acceptance to secure your placement. All remaining program fees and airfare must be paid for in full, and confirmed, no later than 16 weeks from the start date of any program.

Late acceptances:
Any applicants with a late acceptance (less than 16 weeks before the start date of the program) must immediately complete all application steps including payment before their placement is secured.

Pawesome encourages all applicants to make sure the dates of your chosen program do not conflict with any prior engagements, as once paid, program fees, including your deposit, are nonrefundable and nontransferable; to a different project or person. Please read our cancelation policy.