Meet the Team

Sarah Wexler
Program Director & Veterinary Nurse

Sarah embarked on her veterinary nursing journey in 2012, after graduating from a private veterinary nurse college in Australia. Inspired by a desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of animals, she ventured to Thailand to practice shelter medicine. In 2016, driven by her passion for animal welfare, Sarah founded Pawesome, an organization dedicated to providing veterinary care in Southeast Asia. With a vision to expand her impact globally, she worked to promote community outreach and education programs.

In 2023, Sarah’s commitment to advancing animal welfare led her to Puerto Rico, where she launched Spayversity as an extension of Pawesome’s mission. Through Spayversity, Sarah continues to empower students with comprehensive training to fostering a new generation of compassionate professionals.

With experience in Emergency and Critical Care gained from her work in Australia and the United States, Sarah is recognized as a leading advocate for animal welfare. Her extensive travels, spanning over 40 countries, have exposed her to diverse animal welfare challenges, fueling her determination to effect meaningful change.

Driven by her unwavering dedication to animal welfare and her passion for global travel, Sarah remains committed to alleviating suffering and championing the rights of animals worldwide. Through initiatives like Spayversity, she continues to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of animals and communities around the globe.

Interested to know more? Here’s an overview of Pawesome’s past veterinary programs.

Micole Noddle - Website Developer and Go PAWesome Webmaster

Micole Noddle
Website Developer & Webmaster

I met Sarah through social media, introduced through mutual friends. Her life story inspired me and I love the mission of Pawesome; it’s such a beautiful and amazing thing. I want to see Pawesome grow and thrive. My skills as a web developer gives Sarah the online presence required to carry out the mission of Pawesome.

My love for animals began when I was a child. I have had pets my entire life and have always loved and felt drawn to animals. I think they are beautiful and majestic creatures who live peacefully and love unconditionally. They don’t have a voice, they can’t speak up for themselves, and they need us to stand up for them and to protect their rights. Through my skills as a web developer I want to help be that voice.

When I am not coding or pushing pixels, you will find me at an Indie-Alternative concert, in the yoga studio or playing with Elton and Bowie, my two very spirited, bonded cats.

Dr. Janet Sosnicki
Veterinarian, DVM
Like many people, Janet loves animals. This affinity led her to become a veterinarian so she could fulfill her dreams of improving the health of our furry friends. Janet graduated in 2014 from Ross University and shelter medicine, particularly high volume spay and neuter surgery, has become her area of expertise.

Janet has been the primary veterinarian at numerous animal shelters and is adjunct faculty at Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine where she teaches the advanced surgery elective rotation to 4th year students and Mount Wachusett Community College where she teaches surgical nursing and dentistry to vet tech students.

In 2017 Janet traveled to Thailand as a study abroad instructor for pre-veterinary students. This was a life changing experience for her. In 2019 combining her love of travel with her passion for helping animals she joined Pawesome.

Dr. Layla Powell
Veterinarian, BVSc
Layla graduated in 2004 from the University of Queensland, Australia. After more than a decade working on the mid north Australian coast she moved to the Byron Bay area. Layla focuses on small animal practice with a special interest in emergency & critical care, completing a post graduate course in 2010.

Layla’s other passion is animal welfare and she actively participates in projects in developing countries. In 2017 Layla joined Pawesome in the Philippines and her and Sarah haven’t stopped working together since. Her role with Pawesome has taken her all over South East Asia & into South America.

Combining animal welfare with her love of travel, she has also volunteered at elephant sanctuaries in Thailand and with sloths in Central America.