Ten Volunteer Commandments

The following list has been created with you in mind. Please read it thoroughly and make sure you agree to everything here. This is a requirement of participation on any Pawesome volunteer project.

  1. Adaptability. Pawesome does our best to plan out all parts to the project; however we are working in foreign countries with different cultures and attitudes. Sometimes plans need to change, and we all have to be open minded, flexible and adaptable to the new plans. Due to the nature of each project, no single day/project can be predicted with certainty. We do our best to start between 7am-9am and finish by sunset, with a reasonable break for lunch.
  2. Be a Team Player. Our projects are successful because as a team we work well together. You will be working with people from different parts of the world; understanding and friendship work best. You will always work under the supervision of the Pawesome team leader.
  3. Independence. Throughout the trip you will always have the guidance and support of your team leader but your own confidence and independence are important virtues.
  4. Emotional or Difficult Work. You will need to be prepared for hard and sometimes emotional work. Helping street animals in countries where living conditions are not what you are used to can sometimes be difficult. The projects will sometimes have long hours, in hot conditions and basic surroundings. You need to be totally 100% committed to the animals.
  5. A Sense of Adventure. If you have never traveled to a foreign country, expect it to vary from what you are used to. A positive attitude and an open mind is best. We will be in a developing country and living on location. Its clean and safe but simple and basic; some days we have hot water, some days its cold water and other days there is no wifi. This is not only a project in animal welfare but a cultural exchange experience that should be met with an understanding of your surroundings and an appreciation for the adventure.
  6. Respectful & Professional. You are here as a volunteer representing Pawesome. Please respect local culture and custom. Be ethical, professional, hardworking and adaptable to change. Unprofessional conduct will not be tolerated and may cause your dismissal from the project.
  7. Dedication. We don’t require you to have any prior volunteer or veterinary experience nor do we require you to have traveled to a foreign country, of course, these things do help. Most importantly, we do require you to LOVE ALL ANIMALS.
  8. Passport and Travel Insurance. You must possess a valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining prior to departure and valid travel insurance for the duration and location of the project. Failure to ensure this may result in losing your place in the program.
  9. Age Restriction. Participants must be at least 18 years of age for acceptance into any of the programs.
  10. Most Importantly. We are all here for a common cause: the animals. Let’s all work together as a team, share laughs, smiles and experiences.