What to Pack

Get ready to rock those scrubs, but keep it comfy, folks! Here’s your must-have gear for a Spayversity experience that’s as stylish as it is practical:

  • Cool and Comfy Clothes: Puerto Rico’s all about that beach life! Pack lightweight, breathable threads for those balmy evenings, and don’t forget your trusty scrub pants for the workday. We’ll hook you up with a Spayversity scrub top and surgical cap, so you’ll look fab while you work your magic.
  • Rain or Shine Gear: Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or the sun’s shining brighter than your future, we’ve got you covered. Pack some wet weather gear for those tropical downpours, and get ready to soak up the sun in style!
  • Footloose and Fancy-Free: Slip into some comfy enclosed toe shoes or sneakers for your day in the clinic, and don’t forget to pack those flip-flops or sandals for some beachside bliss.
  • Sunscreen Savvy: Protect that precious skin of yours with some trusty sunscreen. Ain’t nobody got time for sunburns!
  • Bug Off: Keep those pesky bugs at bay with some insect repellent. DEET optional, but highly recommended for those mosquito-filled nights!
  • Talk the Talk: Brush up on your Spanish skills with a handy phrase book. ¬°Vamos a hablar!
  • Dry Off in Style: Don’t forget your trusty towel for those post-adventure lounging sessions.
  • Stay Fresh: Pack all your favorite toiletries to keep you feeling fab.
  • Medication Must-Haves: Don’t leave home without your meds! Bring along any prescriptions or over-the-counter goodies you might need for a worry-free trip.

And now, for the clinic essentials:

  • Tend to Your Patients: Get ready to play doctor! Please bring with you your very own rechargeable headlamp, a stethoscope, and a suture practice kit. It’s boot-camp time, Spayversity style!

Now you’re all set for an adventure like no other. Let’s make some memories!